Dr. Nurses is committed to advancing the future of nursing. The Dr. Nurses Scholarship is created for those who require funding to execute DNP projects/ PHD dissertations.

The scholarship money may be used exclusively to cover costs related to dissertation research or doctorate project related expenses.

Precedence will be given to those exhibiting innovation, technological advancement, and leadership in his or her area of clinic practice as well as projects geared toward underserved communities, health equity, or the advancement of nursing as a discipline.


Two $1,000 Awards

One recipient will be chosen annually.

The application cycle: April 1st - July 1st

Recipient will be announced Aug 1st on as well as all Dr. Nurses social media outlets.



To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:


Registered Nurse

Enrolled in an accredited DNP/PHD program

In good academic standing

A member of the Dr. Nurses family


Please submit the following for consideration:

DNP/ Scholarly Project or Dissertation proposal including the project budget (drafts acceptable)

Unofficial transcripts

Brief description of how the Dr. Nurses Scholarship will assist with your doctorate project, and how your project aligns with the mission of Dr. Nurses.

Email all applications to